AS Initial Deconstruction

The Grid:
There is a conventional grid which separates the layout of the magazine’s front cover into thirds splitting the masthead, thumbnails, font and main image. This could be to bring order to the cover because the artist’s music is chaotic. All of the information about the content of the magazine is placed at the bottom of the grid, this is so that the reader will start at the top of the page and work their way down. The white space on the grid is in the middle, on the right; this is to illustration the hands of the artist in the main image. The grid on this particular magazine front cover works well around the main image, it shows order and clarity which makes it easier for a potential customer to recognize what is in the magazine.

Magazine name or ‘masthead’: 
The masthead is in upper case letters which implies that it is being shouted, which emphasises the style of music that the magazine features. The masthead is positioned at the top of the magazine which is conventional, though it is smaller than most mastheads. It is still obvious which magazine it is and when displayed on a shelf it will still be easy to distinguish from its competitors. The style of the masthead font makes up for this by having a shattered effect which relates to the music style. The masthead runs across the top of the page so that when it is displayed on a stores shelf you can clearly see which magazine it is. The word ‘kerrang’ is a made up word but it makes the magazine unique and memorable, the name of the magazine is a loud sounding word that relates to the genre of music that it recognises. The exclamation mark that accompanies the masthead automatically sounds loud when you read it; this is to show that the magazine is bold and has something to shout about. The slogan that goes with this magazine is ‘life is loud’ this relays back to the name of the magazine as it is a loud sounding word, which is displayed in capitals and followed by an exclamation mark; all linking the magazine to its slogan and loud attitude.

Main image:
The main image is bold because in the image the artists are wearing suits and have very serious expressions on their faces; this is unusual for this artist because they are considered to be a heavy rock group who don’t take things too seriously. So their usual fans will be interested as to why they are being portrayed in this way, this will encourage them to buy the magazine. The style of the main image relates to the title of the article ‘northern uproar’ it implies that they are being taken seriously as artists and that they are serious about what they are doing. The word ‘uproar’ relays the style of the music again, in the artists songs they usual shout, which is connected to the title of the article.

Font style:
The magazine is all in upper case letters, this is to show that the magazine is bold, loud and attention grabbing. It makes everything seem more urgent and exciting, giving potential customers a buzz of adrenaline that makes them want to purchase the magazine. The colours of the font include; red, white and yellow. This emphasises the main article of the magazine ‘northern uproar’. The word ‘uproar’ instantly makes people thing about lions and tigers, which are loud fierce animals. They could be connected with the style of the magazine which is alternative rock. The colours of the font are also the colours that lions and tigers are which once again relates the two. The sub-headings on the page are displayed on arrows that point to the thumbnail pictures, the sub-headings relate to the picture that they are pointing at, this is to ensure that the customer knows who the artist are.

Text line up:
The text line up is important to a magazine because it is displaying to the viewer what the main article is in the magazine; it has significance in the cover because it is the main selling point of the magazine, to advertise the content. In the kerrang magazine the leading has no space between each line of text, this could be to represent the genre of music that the magazine features; upbeat, high tempo rock music that doesn’t usual have a break or pause in the song.  The tracking of the text on the front cover of kerrang has no space between each letter, this could be a technique used to ensure that there is white space on the cover. On the other hand the tracking could be this way to symbolise that the band on the cover are a close group and the closeness of the letters could be reflecting the relationship of the band.

The thumbnails on the front cover of kerrang magazine are at the bottom of the page, this could be to encourage the potential customer to firstly look at the rest of the cover and work their way down the page. Thumbnails are essential to a cover because they interest a different audience that might not be interested in the main article band. It shows the similar articles that are featuring in the magazine. The particular thumbnails on the cover of kerrang are unusually large compared to the average size of thumbnails; this could be to advertise the other articles more and to show the importance and popularity of the similar featuring bands.

 Text features:
The hook in this issue of kerrang magazine is ‘BRING ME THE HORIZON’ which is the name of the band in the main image, below the obvious hook there is a smaller one which is the title of the article, and it says ‘NORTHERN UPROAR!’ The reason why the article is titled this is because they have information of the band that knows they are originally from the north. The size of the band’s name is so large because they have a large fan base; they are using the size to attract the artist’s fans, this is their main selling point of the magazine. The size shows the importance of the article to this particular magazine.  The other texts in the magazine are attempting to appeal to a larger audience by promising them a free poster when they buy the magazine.

Feature bars:
This issue of kerrang has a feature bar at the top and bottom of the page. This could be so that they have included everything the magazine contains on the front cover. That way the customer knows exactly what is in that issue of the magazine. The feature bar is also used to promote the fact that they have an exclusive story that no other magazine has yet been able to publish.

The magazine has a promotion of offering numerous free posters with this issue of magazine; this is a selling point for them. This way the customer gains something when they purchase the magazine and that the magazine is not the only one getting something, the customer also gets something.

Colour and font palettes: 
The colour and font palette on the cover of this issue of kerrang is red, yellow, black and white. This gives the impression of excitement and also the indication of high-class; this is reflected in the main image on the magazine. They are wearing suits which makes them look smart and sophisticated, thought that is not necessarily what people usually think of when they think about rock music. The red and yellow emphasise the excitement of the bands upcoming popularity. It also relates to the title and text features when it reads ‘NORTHERN UPROAR’ once again, recounting the idea of lions and tigers.

 3-5mm no text area: – Leave out

The barcode on the magazine is so that when sold in shops and newsagents it is easy to keep record on the number of issues they have sold, efficiently and effectively.

Target audience: 
Kerrang has a very specific target audience; presumably it is aimed largely at males because of the style of the magazine and the music genre. That however does not mean that females do not buy the magazine, there are certain females that will purchase the magazine and the magazine knows this. Nonetheless they still do not change the way in which the magazine appears because they know the ‘rock chic’ customers out there desire the magazine to be this way. The target age group is 17-30 year olds, this is because the magazine has a young, energetic and edgy feel to it and the young adult generation are mainly buying the magazine. The register that the magazine uses is predominantly that of the street culture which is a very casual way for the magazine articles to be written, this again will entertain their target market as it relates to the way in which they talk to one another. The tone of the magazine is very much sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. The magazine doesn’t just talk about the music, but it goes deeper than that. It also covers the topics of gigs, festivals, events, tours etc. Festival goers are very much into kerrang magazine and usually the magazine will feature something about the latest festival. This then branches out the vastness of their target market.

Overall cover ‘theme’:
The overall cover theme is sophisticated yet wild; this is shown in the main image, masthead, text features and thumbnails. The costume that the band are wearing in the main image shows the sophisticated side to the cover, however the text feature ‘NORTHERN UPROAR’, the free poster  thumbnail images and the shattered effect masthead show the wild side to this particular magazine cover. It all works together in harmony to create an impression of what the context of the magazine is, this is the most important thing for them to do because any potential customers will judge the magazine on its front cover. That is how they will decide if it is worth it to purchase that magazine issue.