AS School Magazine Evaluation

The media product that I produced was a school magazine front cover and contents page aimed at 16-18 year olds. It had to include aspects of my current school and be appropriate to my target audience. The element of school that I focused on in my magazine was the gossip and social aspects of life at Wycliffe College. In order for me to create the school magazine front cover and contents page I needed to research other magazines. I looked at front covers of other school magazines such as ‘High Profile’ to understand how a magazine front cover is structured. This helped me to plan how I was going to design my magazine because ‘high Profile’ has a simple composition to their magazine and I didn’t want my school magazine front cover to be over crowded and look unprofessional. I also researched other magazines contents pages to know what they contain and how they are arranged.
From studying other school magazines I learnt that the content of my magazine has to be relevant to my target audience and it has to encourage them to want to buy/read my own magazine. I chose my target audience age to be 16-18 years olds because I am of that age and realised that it would be straightforward to relate to them as I would also be included in my audience, therefore understanding what they want in a magazine. I chose the style of my magazine to be about gossip and social life at Wycliffe College because it is a subject that I am comfortable with and would be able to go into depth on. In my school magazine I used fonts that would stand out on the page in bright colour palettes to catch the eye of my target audience. The composition on my front cover is intentionally arranged around the face line of the model I photographed, for the reason that it would look tidier and better crafted and also it would make it easier for my reader to see what the contents of my magazine is. I used a non conventional grid on my magazine front cover because my magazine is slightly alternative; I think this worked well because the eye is drawn to the right elements of the cover. I placed my masthead at the bottom of my front cover because it worked best with the image on the cover and it also gives my magazine a uniqueness that rebels against the usual, like my target audience. The name ‘BLAB.’ Suggest straight away that my magazine is a gossip magazine, it is short and catchy and this will make it memorable to my customers and audience.



On my magazine front cover I positioned the text features around the face of my model to enhance all of the elements included on the cover, this worked well because it gives edginess to my magazine which is what I aimed for. I wanted my magazine to be unique and interesting and appeal to an alternative audience, I think that the use of red in my magazine achieves this as I have turned the hair of the model on my cover to a brighter red than in reality, this is to show that she is bold and confident, like my target audience. I chose the photo on my front cover because the model has her mouth open as though she is laughing or gossiping about something, this then reflects with the name of the magazine and give it an overall theme. I chose those headlines and articles because the age group of my target audience will be interested in fashion and social networkings, therefore making them want to read my magazine.

My magazine has represented my target audience as fun, loud and young. Using bright colours, exclamation marks and large writing it gives the sense of youth and will appeal to a younger target audience. I tried to illustrate this by having my model not posing for a photograph but taking live action shots to imply that she is living in the moment. This shows the featured target social group in a mutual way because it is implying that they do like to have fun, yet it could also imply that they might not always be bothered about acting in an appropriate way. Also the costume that my model is wearing illustrates this although you cannot see it in the photograph, she has on a skirt, shirt and tie with a varsity jacket over the top to suggest she doesn’t take school too seriously. I purposely tried to show my target audience in this way because my target audience will have the same attitude and approach to school and socialising.

My target audience will be aged between 16 and 18 and mostly female, they might aspire to be in the media business or something creative along those lines. They might not have any hobbies and will just enjoy hanging around with their friends. Their interests might include music, fashion, social networking, photography and the media. The fashion and shopping habits could include shops like topshop, cult, superdry, republic, river island etc. The main technology usage that they would use is a computer, iPods and mobile phones. I included some of these topics on my magazine front cover and contents page because it is what my target audience will be looking for in a magazine and it is what they will pay money for or spend time reading.

My magazine does attract the right target audience because the features of my magazine are relevant and relate to the audience I am aiming to attract. The photography style and the contents of my magazine would appeal to my target audience because it is appropriate for them, including topics like Facebook will attract their attention as it is something that they will most defiantly use.

During the process of creating a school magazine front cover and contents page I learnt about technologies used in the process of constructing those products. This included using DTP InDesign software to design and construct my contents page, Photoshop the graphic application used to construct my school magazine front cover. I had used the Photoshop software previously but not in this much depth and I learnt how to develop my skills with the software. I also used a digital camera to take the picture on the front cover of my magazine and uploaded the pictures to the computer to begin editing them. WordPress is a blogging website that I am using to upload all of my work too and this allows others to view my work and my teacher to mark it. The benefit of using a blog to store my work is that all my work is in one easily accessible place and it allows me to control what work goes on there.


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