AS Music magazine deconstruction 2

The colour scheme on the magazine cover is bright red and yellow, there is only one tone of each colour and it makes it bolder than if there were several tones. It suggest that the style of the magazine is more outrageous and ‘in your face’ than other magazines, this allows the magazine to stand out when displayed on a shelf in a shop. The colours also suggest that this issue has a theme of summer as they are using bright colours and a sunny location. The masthead has three colours, red main font with a white outline and then a black outline, this then relates to the colour palette used in this issue. The colour scheme relates to the content of the magazine as the hook says ‘Glastonbury here we come’ this is telling the reader that the band on the cover are going to be playing at Glastonbury Festival, which is a very well-known festival and takes place in the summer. The colour scheme relates to the image because the front man of the band is wearing a red top that matches the red on text on the cover. Also the grass in the image has a yellow tint to it, reflecting the feature bar. The font colours are red, black and white. The colours relate to the image on the cover as in the image the only colours that the band are wearing is red, black and white. There is only one type of font and it is very simple, the magazine uses the font in both uppercase and lowercase letters. The font has no relation to the cover theme, content or image. NME magazine use the same font on everyone of their magazine covers. The hook text has a drop shadow on it to show that it is the most important feature of the magazine; it makes it stand out and easily visible for any potential customers to see. The masthead has two outlines, red main font with a white outline and then a black outline, this then relates to the
The style of each separate font is the same except the hook which looks as though it has been cut out and stuck onto the page at an angle, this implies that it is the most important as it is the only different text aspect. The size of each separate element of text suggests that they have greater/less importance than the other articles. The text and image elements are aligned so that the band on the cover can be seen, so that they can sell more copies of the magazine as their fans will be able to spot the picture of them accompanied by the band’s name being the second largest text on the cover, after the masthead. The hook sits on top of the main image but it does not block any major elements of it e.g. a band member’s face. The feature bar also sits on top of the main image however it only covers the background. 

Text elements:
The price and date on the magazine is below the masthead and it is very small, this implies that there is no discount off this issue and it is not a special issue e.g. 1000th issue. The barcode is in the bottom right corner of the magazine, its placement is important because makes it easy to scan when buying it in a shop. With the magazine they are advertising a free pull-out Glastonbury Festival map, it is in the feature bar at the top of the magazine and the text is in uppercase letters to attract attention and draw they reader’s eye towards it. It has no effect on the general layout as it is part of the feature bar and doesn’t obstruct any other information. The order of importance is shown through the size of the text features, the most important is the largest and the least important is the smallest. They achieved this hierarchy because the readers eye is drawn to the largest writing and then the look for the second biggest, third, etc.  There is no web address displayed. 

There is only one image on the cover and that is of the band ‘Kings Of Leon’ who are walking along a dusty road through the countryside. In the background there is a guitar laid on the floor and three of the band members, they are all wearing black and white clothes to match the colour scheme. In the foreground there is the lead singer and front man of the band, he is wearing black, white and red to show his importance and to also match the colour scheme. The image covers the whole of the magazine cover. There is an animated picture of a map placed next to the text feature ‘MASSIVE PULL-OUT MAP’ this allows the reader to see what is included in the magazine without having to read every text feature on the cover. The image has not been affected in Photoshop and it still has its original background. The image relates to the theme and subject of the magazine because the hook is…
On the road to the gig of their lives’
This shows a connection between the band walking down a countryside road and them being on the road to the gig of their lives, which is at a festival located in the countryside. The colours in the image match the general colour scheme, using the red, black and white in the members clothing and the yellow tint of the grass to suggest summer and tie the colours scheme together. There is one main image that fills the whole front cover of the magazine, this is implying that it has great importance in the magazine and it’s feature will draw in a large audience. There is also a small image of a map in the feature bar at the top of the page, this is to highlight that the magazine are including a free pull out map of Glastonbury festival in this issue, it is yet another selling point that will increase sale numbers however it is not as important as the band on the cover as it is much smaller than their image. There are no thumbnail images. This could be because the whole issue is based on Glastonbury festival and the most important band at the festival is the most important selling point of the magazine, the magazine issue is mimicking the festival.

The cover has been composed using a simple grid split into three main parts, the feature bar, main image and featured articles. The grid is not conventionally composed, though the feature bar is at the top of the page and the masthead is at the top left of the front cover. The text features are placed around the main image in the bottom left corner of the cover. This is showing the importance of the main image and the band that the image is of. 

Target audience
The cover appeals to its target audience because the magazine issue is all about Glastonbury festival and the band ‘Kings of Leon’. They are appealing to the festival goers and the fans of the band. As the festival is such a well known event and the band is also so well known many people will buy this issues of the magazine. It is titled ‘GLASTO PREVIEW SPECIAL’. The main image on the magazine front cover and the masthead will be the biggest selling point of the magazine; a buyer will be encouraged to buy the magazine if they like the band that is on the cover of it… Many people are a fan of this particular band and they will want to know how the band is feeling about paying such a big show. Kerrang magazine is another magazine that this target audience are likely to buy. The target audience might have hobbies that include skateboarding, photography, playing musical instruments etc. the style of music that they will listen to will include; Indie, Rock, Alternative etc. They will use social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace and also clothing line websites. The target audience is 16-25 year olds and it is aimed at both males and females because the magazine uses a range of colours that are not gender specific for example yellow, red and green which are general colours as opposed to using colours like blue and pink which are seen as gender specific. The tone of the magazine is about music, gigs, festivals, bands etc this will appeal to the target audience because they are buying a music magazine and so they want to be reading about music and not reading gossip. The register of the magazine is casual; this will allow the customer to read the magazine with ease and this lets them relax and enjoy reading the magazine, rather than feel it is hard work to read the magazine. In order for the magazine to sell it needs to make its target audience want to read the magazine for pleasure rather than make it feel like work. The incentive to buy in this issue is the free pull out map of Glastonbury festival, the particular audience that will be attracted to buy this will be people attending the festival. In this issue there are no incentives to buy for new readers. This could be because the magazine issue is all about the festival, which is something that loyal fans will go to and will have been to before and so the magazine is focusing on them in this issue.

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AS Music Magazine Cover Deconstruction