A2 Music Video Brief

Paramore is an American rock band from Franklin, Tennessee, formed in 2004. The song of
theirs that I have chosen to use for my A2 music video is ‘Ignorance’. Paramore are signed to Fueled By Ramen which is an American record label which operates as a subsidiary of Warner Music Group, and is distributed by Atlantic Records. The band fall into several sub genres which include alternative rock and pop punk.

The band isn’t interested in fame and fortune, looking good isn’t important to them, they are more concerned with the meaning and context of their songs and music. Connecting with their fans and making an impact on people musically is predominantly their aim. The lead singer Hayley Williams is also the ‘front man’ of the band which is unusual for this genre of music to have a female member, let alone lead singer, this gives Paramore a unique sound and an edge to their style.

The concept of the bands song is reflected in its name ‘Paramore’… Paramour means lover in French. However, Paramore just changed the spelling a bit. This is portrayed in their music and songs, they have lyrically written their life stories; mainly from a love aspect.

Photographically I won’t have the band on my print work; I will use art work rather than images because in the genre of music appearance isn’t important but creativity is.

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Some locations that I am going to use include a stage, a studio, a police interrogation room and film at night time. The concept of the music video is that the lead singer is being ignored and judged by the world, that no one is paying attention to her and she is trying to get acknowledged.

In my music video the main shot is going to be of the singer of the band singing into the camera/performing. Other shots will be of her trying to get noticed by people but failing to do so as they are ignoring her. The main character will have an attitude throughout the video.

The costume ideas for my music video are quite simple, the main singing character will be wearing a
plain t shirt and sometimes wearing a jacket, skinny jeans and black converse style trainers.

Props that will be in my video include; a microphone and musical instruments (i.e. drums and guitars)


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I don’t think that in my video there is going to be any themes or visual styling but I might add some black and white shots into the video to add seriousness to the scenario.

Age: 15-30 year olds

Gender: Mostly males but have an
appeal to females too

Hobbies: Playing music instruments,
skateboarding, going to gigs etc.

Interests: music, photography, gigs,
festivals, skate boarding, etc.

Fashion: Drop Dead Clothing, Famous
Stars and Straps
, Macbeth Clothing, DC, Element, Vans, etc.

Technology use: Computer (social
networking), cameras, iPods, mobile phones

Socio-economic: retail shop worker,
photographers, musicians, graphic designers, etc.

Education: Mainly my target audience
would have been educated at a public school

Aspirations: to make music, to
become a professional photographer, to start a clothing line, etc.

TV and internet: they will mostly
watch music channels like Kerrang!, NME, Scuzz, etc. and usually they will
watch TV on a night time or in the evening. The time that they would go on the
internet is most likely late at night/ early hours in the morning.

TV channels that will potentially play my music video include Kerrang!, NME, Scuzz, MTV and 4music. The advert for my artists album would be played on all of these channels and extra ones like Channel 4, E4, Sky 1 and ITV 1 because the type of programmes that my target audience watch will be aired on these channels. The advert will be played in the evening or on a night time because this is most likely the time that my target audience will be watching TV. Websites like YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, O2 academy etc will be where I advertise the album because that is the sites I predict that my target audience are going to be using. The album will be advertised in magazines like NME and Kerrang! and at festivals like Reading and Leeds, Download and Sonisphere.