A2 Music Video Deconstruction- Blink 182


Everyone wants to call it all around our life with a better name.
Everyone falls and spins and gets up again with a friend who does the same.
Everyone lies and cheats their wants and needs and still believes their heart.
And everyone gets the chills, the kind that kills when the pain begins to start.

Let me get this straight, do you want me here?
As I struggle through each and every year.
And all these demons, they keep me up all night.
They keep me up all night.
They keep me up all night.

Everyone’s cross to bears the crown they wear on endless holiday.
Everyone raises kids in a world that changes life to a bitter game.
Everyone works and fights, stays up all night to celebrate the day.
And everyone lives to tell the tale of how we die alone someday.

Let me get this straight, do you want me here?
As I struggle through each and every year.
And all these demons, they keep me up all night.
They keep me up all night
They keep me up all night
They keep me up all night
They keep me up all night

My interpretation of the lyrics is about the lead singer not being able to sleep or can’t stop thinking, which is a pain; he is talking about people’s goals in life, and what they go through to get there. From personal knowledge of the band he is referring to the bands recent reunion and in this song he appears to be expressing his uncertainty as to whether their fans want the band back. The demons that he’s referring to in the song are his problems and what’s on his mind. It seems to be affecting important people to him… he says ‘let me get this straight do you want me here’ this again is reflecting his doubt of being welcomed back by the bands fans after such a long split.

In the video the band members are conveying this message in a juxtaposed way; the actors included in the video are carefree and having a good time, though the song is serious and talking about thoughtful problems that the band are dealing with.

In this video the actors don’t particularly play and important role in the narrative of the song as they do not relate to the lyrics involved. They add a stylistic element to the video however and promote the bands ethos of being young and having a good time enjoying life.

The elements of abstraction in this song are that the lyrics could have more than one meaning, some people may be unsure as to who the song is about and whether it is a made up scenario or something the band have experienced them.

The themes in this video/song are doubt, confusion and insecurity; these themes are relevant to the lyrics as the themes are reflected and relate to the lyrics.

The costumes in the video are unique; at the start of the video the actor is wearing an astronaut helmet and a cape. This implies surrealist elements to the video or a dream like setting, which is reflected in the song ‘up all night’ as the dreams could be coming reality in the video. Other costumes in the video include a frog mask, tiara and tutu, Viking hat etc.

The elements of fancy dress/fantasy in the costumes used in the video express the bands free spirit and flippant attitude, this is a recurring theme in their songs and videos.

The costumes are relevant to the narrative of the song but in a contrasting way, the location of the video is in a desolate suburban area where chaos seems to have reigned and everything is ruined, smashed and on fire… this reflects the state of mind that the song is talking about and the location of the video is very relevant to the message and meaning of the song.

In the video the band perform live in the deserted suburban neighbourhood in abandoned houses and in the street, they also have minor roles as actors in the video. This suggests that the song is about the band and was written about their personal experiences as opposed to another person’s. It is a typical feature in their videos for them to perform their music. The emotions that are conveyed are apprehension, nervousness and excitement this is because the band are worried about how their fans will react to their new album and how they have musically progressed. These emotions are presented by the band member’s jumpy and restless performance in the video.
The actors in the video are having a good time, this is relevant to the artist because they aren’t a sombre band and they like to have fun. The emotions that the actors display in the video are happiness, untroubled and cheerful; this is shown by them laughing and smiling with each other.

The handheld camera in the video at 00:20 suggests that the band members have been captured in a spontaneous performance and that it isn’t planned and organised. The canted shot at 00:55 implies that something is wrong, we can assume that the chaotic environment throughout the video is the reason for this element of camera work.

The camera styles are driven by the narrative and performance because at 01:45 the handheld tracking of the teenage boy skating inside a house shows that the whole concept of the video is impulsive chaos and anarchy, it gives the effect that someone just grabbed a camera and was filming random things.  

At the start of the video the location establishing shot of the boy riding a bike shows that he is in a suburban neighbourhood at night time, the next shot is a situation establishing shot of the same boy avoiding debris while the only light source is presumed to be from a helicopter spot light. This aids the style of the video because the video isn’t meant to be a tidy, choreographed circumstance… its intended to be a video based on turmoil and pandemonium, very much like the rock scene.

At the start of the video there are non-musical elements of the boy riding his bike and a dog barking, this sets the scene in the video as we are expecting something to happen soon.

There is slow motion at 00:35 where there is a crowd of teenagers running down the debris filled street, there is smoke obscuring part of the crowd and the actors are holding objects but they don’t look threatening or menacing. The slow motion adds a sense of excitement to the video and it is there so that the audience has time to acknowledge the crowd.  

The pace of the editing is with the tempo of the song because while the songs tempo is fast the edit pace is also fast and when the tempo of the song decreases so does the edit pace.

The voyeurism included in this veide is at 01:26 where the couple are kissing, there is nobody around at this point so the assumption is that what the camera is seeing nobody else is meant to see.

The video has not intended or designed for either the ‘male gaze’ or the ‘female gaze’ because it is simply telling a story from a neutral point of view and the band doesn’t want to isolate a specific gender.

The band are represented as being one of the teenage actors in the video, they are dressed the same and at one point 01:51 the lead guitarist is stood posing on top of a moving car. However they are isolated in their locations throughout the video so they aren’t directly joining in with the destruction of the neighbourhood.

The target audience is represented as being reckless, wild and carefree because the video is endorsing the behaviour of the actors and showing them having a good time and presumably the target audience wouldn’t be offended or shocked by what they are seeing.   

The rebellious activity of the band in the video will attract the target audience because in the rock genre it is presumed that nobody follows rules and having a good time is more important that being good.

The clothing worn by the band is similar to what the target audience will be wearing, this could also influence them to agree with the bands actions and attract them to watch the video and share it with friends. The morals of the actors and band members in the video are probably the same as the intended target audience’s morals; do what you want if you want to do it.

Throughout the video there are references to the band members clothing line, in the video the lead singer Tom Delonge is wearing a top that says on it ‘Macbeth’ at 01:02  this is the name of his clothing line and it is an item from his clothing line. During the scenes where the teenage boys are skateboarding in the house at 01:01 some of them are wearing tops from the ‘Famous Stars and Straps’ clothing line which belongs to the band’s drummer Travis Barker.

These references do not aid the narrative or performance of the band, but it may aid the sales of these clothing items. The only people who will get the references are fans of the band who know about their clothing lines. The reference isn’t there to attract a target audience or suggest a way of life or attitude towards something; it is solely there to support the band and clothing lines.


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