A2 CD Cover Deconstruction- Sinners Never Sleep


Overall design
The overall visual theme for the album cover is a criminal concept; it is suggested that the person on the cover has committed a crime and it is their mug shot being shown. The target audience will get the impression that the music on this album is quite dark and has a serious tone. When they look at the album cover the sentiments that they may possess could include confusion that the band have done something wrong on the album, concerned that a member of the band has been arrested and also rebellious because the bands album cover is glamorizing crime in an indirect approach.
This appeals to the target audience because the majority of them are teenagers and they are at a stage in their lives when they want to rebel and be unorthodox to society. The dark element to the album cover would also appeal to their musical tastes as other bands similar to You Me At Six have a much heavier style of music which they imply they have adopted in this album.
The album reflects the artist by being a visual guide to what the music on the cd will sound like; dark, serious and a bit rough. This also reflects the alternative rock genre of music that the band predominantly belongs to.
The cd cover has imitated the bands ethos because it is quite simple and not to extravagant because the band are more concerned about making good music than having an immaculate image.
The album cover is more of an artistic comment about the artist, the band are not included in the artwork or imagery for their own album cover. The image has been affected on Photoshop by desaturation of the colour and adding an aged effect.


The visible text included is the name of the band and the name of the album is on the cover, this again is reflective of the bands ethos; about the music.
The font used on the album is very standard but also classic at the same time which adds a mature element. The colour used for the font is white which again reinforces the maturity of the album and imposes a sophisticated component.


Band branding
The band has been represented as being mature in their musical style, when the logo of their name is visible it is distinctive to their album. The style of the cover suggests that the band have established their style of music and have a solid fan base that will understand their progression.
The band logo has achieved this through its effortlessness, simple yet effective. The font is basic but against the chaos of the imagery it is striking in its design.
The album name ‘sinners never sleep’ does not reflect the bands branding or ethos as it is encouraging corruption however it does reflect the overall design of the album cover.


Graphics and photography
There are no graphics on the album cover; it is just a single image that text has been added to.
A bleached sepia effect has been added to the photograph which adds a sophisticated element to the cover, implying that the musical styling of the album is mature for the band. It also suggests that the photograph has been sat in the sun for many years, adding a dated effect.
The desaturated colours are used to include a matured style to the photograph, it indicates that the band is established and is able to create a serious album that has deeper meaning to their other work.
The photograph used is of an unidentified person holding a proof of identity documentation board with the writing ‘YOU ME AT SIX SINNERS NEVER SLEEP’ on it; the name of the band and the album. The intention of this photograph is to give the impression of a mug shot taken when one commits a crime.
The text on the board was digitally added after the photograph was taken creating an extra graphical element.
The photograph was inspired by the name of the album. ‘SINNERS NEVER SLEEP’ suggests that someone has done something wrong or immoral and the mug shot style theme reinforces this. The band’s name doesn’t relate to the photography of the album cover.
The pose of the person on the cover is simple but unenthusiastic, which implies that they are dejected. Their face is not visible so no facial expressions are shown. The only mise-en-scene on the album cover is of the identification board and the lighting is bright so that everything about the person in shot is visible.





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