A2 CD Cover Deconstruction- There Is A Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let’s Keep It A Secret

Overall Design
The overall visual theme of the album cover is about good and evil, light and dark, harmony and chaos, heaven and hell. There is also a less obvious theme of medieval fantasy reflected through the props used in the image. As the target audience we are supposed to feel a little bit confused about the cover, it is intriguing to look at as there is a clear opposite in the image. The dark left side of the cover creates a disgusting element to the album that is intended to frighten the audience but also excite them and reflect the style of the music which is metalcore/deathcore. The good right side of the cover reassures the audience’s fears and it also suggests that in this album there is a lighter side to the music.

The cover appeals to the target audience because it is unusual. Amongst other album covers it would stand out; similar to how the target audience would stand out amongst a crowd. The aggression in the cover will appeal to them because that is what is associated with the bands type of music, but the elements of harmony might also appeal to their other musical tastes that Bring Me The Horizon have incorporated into their music.

The album cover reflects the band through the attention-grabbing image on it. They are a band that is very noticeable in how they look and this is imitated in the album cover. It also reflects their musical style through the genre of music which is heavily influencing the cover in the left side of it, the gory, dirty, brutal graphics echo the style of music that the band create and this is clearly identified by the album.

The cover does reflect the ethos of the band because it is a visual version of their music; they are displaying the darkness of their music and the craziness of their attitude. The cover is showing good and evil which is what they sing about in their songs and they talk about the violent aspects of themes in their music.

The image on the album cover is an artistic comment of the band, it has been manipulated in Photoshop to add a fantasy element to the design work… The cover is promoting the bands image as it is in synchronized with their ethos and their music.

On the album cover there is no text; the band are evidently confident enough to not have any text and know that they have a big established fan base whom will recognise the cover.

Band branding
The band hasn’t been represented through a logo design on their album because there is no text included to be extracted individually as a logo. This has been achieved through the style of the cover nevertheless, which represents the band via the medieval fantasy elements of their design that is enormously distinguishable amongst other bands or artists.

The album name ‘There is a hell believe me I’ve seen it, there is a heaven let’s keep it a secret’ is replicated in the imagery on the cover as it emphasizes the good and evil separation in the design of the album. The bands ethos is also imitated through the album name as it is quite elaborate and the band are known for being relatively extravagant in their style. 

Graphics & Photography
The graphics on the album cover are incorporated into an existing image; a male wearing a black cloak and gold mask, holding an antique knife and the image of a female wearing a white cloak and the same gold mask, holding an old-fashioned set of keys. The graphics on the male are gory wounds, dirt and black blood. On the female side it seems as though she has been airbrushed to exaggerate how immaculate she is in contrast to the filthy male.

The effects that appear to have been used are that on the torso of the people a renaissance painting style is subtly visible, however on both of the arms it seems like an ordinary standard modern image. There looks to be a slight increase in contrast in the photograph as well. The black and white colours used in the albums cover reiterate the original indication of good and evil/heaven and hell. The inclusion of gold on the mask, blade and set of keys adds a regal impression to the album and reinforces the idea of fantasy. The dull colour of the wounds softens the horror of them, it appears as if the abrasions are not excruciating.

The photography on the album cover is of a male and a female that have been attached together down the middle but they share the same identical gold mask, this appears to make them become one single person. The style of the photograph is a standard mid-shot of this coupled person. The effect that the photography has on the target audience is they can identify that this is a person in the image; it is a visual metaphor that everyone has different sides to them; good and evil. This reflects on the artists image because it is usual for them to have intricate concepts for their album artwork, music videos, merchandise, stage sets, music etc.

There is an extra graphical feature of a giant key hole on the subjects chest, this relates to the set of keys that the female is holding and it suggests that she is wearing white, a sign of goodness, and that she has the ability to either release the evil persons soul and free them or protect others from evil by keeping it locked away.

The photography and design on the album is inspired by the name of the album.

The pose of the person on the album is simply looking forward and standing straight facing the camera, there is no facial motivation as they are wearing a mask; this could be to eliminate an indication of emotion in the subject. The mise-en-scene in the imagery is the mask, the blade and the set of keys; all of these reinforce the fantasy element integrated in the theme of the albums artwork. 


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