A2 CD Advert Deconstruction

The advert for Blink 182’s album titled ‘Neighborhoods’ was featured in Kerrang! magazine in early September 2011; which is their latest album since they announced indefinite hiatus in 2005. The album is something that fans will be eager to buy and excited for its release, and others will be surprised about their reformation.

Overall design
The overall graphical theme of the advert is very simplistic with components of eastern European influences in the design of the font. The image featured in the advert is of the bands album ‘Neighborhoods’ and the graphical design on the album is in the style of Russian geometrical artwork. The album cover is the only image used on the advert, this shows the reader what they should be looking for if they go to buy it, and as it has an extremely intricate design it will look more
exciting on a larger scale.

The advert appeals to the target audience through the colour pallet used consisting of black and white. This suggests that the band being presented is from the punk rock genre and it clearly displays to their designated audience that they could be interested in the album and the band. Also the image of the album cover and the name of the band is in a massive font which is something that the target audience will instantly see. The style of the album cover is a doodle design, which reflects the target audience who will mainly consist of teenagers and young adults. It will appeal to this audience because it is interesting and unique.

This magazine advert obviously places the band in the rock genre; which is apparent through the conventions of colours, fonts and the symbolism used within the design. It illustrates that the band are young spirited and don’t take things to seriously through the intentions of their marketing for their album.

The advert doesn’t display any implications of the bands ethos as there isn’t enough detail included to significantly demonstrate the bands attitudes or beliefs.

The advert mixes elements of complex and simple imagery because although no photographs are used the design of the album cover is very intricate. The colours used in the advert are simple black and white which add a mature influence to the band and album. The design on the album cover is a line drawing of a city from a bird’s eye view, this adds detail to the advert and the buildings shape spells out the band’s name which creates an elaborate image. The background is plain black which makes the image of the album stand out, and in turn makes the text more visible and bold because black and white are such contrasting colours.

The most obvious and noticeable element of the album advert is the actual image of the album cover. This is because there is such a large contrast between this and the background it stands out so much, on top of this the album cover is the most detailed element featured on the page forcing the reader’s eye to focus on it. Then once this has been noticed the text underneath the cover is the detected, this informs the reader of the albums name, the band who’s album it is and the release date. Then the least obvious thing on the advert is the bands distinguishable logo, the bands website and other logos of companies associated with the band.

Visible text on the advert includes:
The name of the album: Neighborhoods
The band name: Blink 182
Release date: 26th September 2011
The band website: www.blink182.com

The font and colour of the text has only been affected the meaning to the target audience by
its implications of the punk rock style of music genre, through this the band is reflected as being a punk rock band and the taget audience can recognise this.

The text has been aligned in a central order so that the reader’s eye is drawn straight to it. The most obvious text on the advert is the band name on the album cover, this immediately communicates to the audience who is being advertised. The largest text is considered the most important and your attention is drawn to it, and the most important information is biggest. I think that this forces the audience to read the ‘most important’ information first.

Band branding
There is more than one logo featured in the advert; the most important one to consider, is the one that represents the band (the white smiley face in the circle with arrows on it). This is important to the advert, because it is an established and vastly distinguishable symbol for the band, because it was featured on a previous album cover, and it has developed into something fans recognise the band for now.

The other logo that are featured on the advert is symbols for record companies that Blink 182 work with, which is also well recognized, this is often done so that the companies get publicity at the same time as the band are, but also to demonstrate that they own the rights to the band and their music.

Graphics and photography
The only imagery used in this album advert is the actual album cover which is purely graphical. No photographs are used at all in this advert which retains all of the attention in the advert, as it boldly stands out.

The bands album cover is a graphical image of buildings from a high angle, the shape of the buildings spell out the band’s name and the inclusion of actual buildings in the artwork compliments the albums name of ‘Neighborhoods’ as it is a precise translation.

The only colours that are used in the advert is black and white, this creates an implication that the bands musical style has matured in this album, which fans will understand because this is their first album since they reformed.


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