A2 Evaluation

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

For my A2 media coursework the product I chose to create was a music video within the genre of “Alternative rock”. The song which I used in my video was “That’s What You Get” by the American rock band Paramore who are signed to the record label Fueled by Ramen which is a conglomerate of Warner Music Group. This is Paramore’s own video for “That’s What You Get”…

The most obvious theme which this song features is ‘love’ and that is blatant through the lyrics which it includes, however it is unclear whether to interpret the song as being negative or positive in its attitude towards love (though I suspect Paramore view it as a more negative facet). In my video I chose to incorporate a positive vision on love because the song is upbeat and elevating when you listen to it. The songs narrative is about the result of listening to your heart instead of your head, and the outcome after the relationship has ended and not knowing where to go; “cause I burned every bridge I ever built, when you were here”.
My target audience for the music video is primarily female though the genre encourages an similarly large male audience of around 14-26 years old, an older audience is unusual because the band are quite young and have a fresh energized image which appeals to a younger audience.

Some artists and real media examples encouraged me to choose this genre and song for my music video…
Linkin park- waiting for the end.  

Similarly to Paramore, Linkin Park is a hugely successful rock band and they often share a target audience, though Linkin Park’s audience are slightly older and chiefly populated by males. The editing in this video is impressive as it incorporates the element of astronomy within it. This inspired me in my print work and video as I incorporated within my own work stars, the universe, lights and luminosity to emphasize the idea that when someone is in love they ‘glow’ and radiate some kind of beautiful light.

I appreciate the performance element in this video and I tried to recreate it in my own with a star projector shining on my artists face while they were performing the song, as well as looking good these shots provided synergy among my coursework as I also formed my print work around this theme by digitally producing ‘space’…  the close ups and extreme close ups of their anatomy (hands, eyes, faces etc. ) was another thing that caught my eye in this video and I chose to recreate this style as my ‘caught off guard’ shots.

You Me At Six- No One Does It Better   


The styling in You Me At Six‘s video has a desaturated creamy hue throughout the whole video which draws away from the drama of the video and allows the viewer to focus on the song. This encouraged me to add a pink/red hue to my video to emote love and passion in a visual way instead of having a typical ‘boy and girl’ love story in my narrative.

The examples of print work that I researched helped me to decide not to include any photographs on my CD panels…

On You Me At Six’s album cover for ‘Hold Me Down’ they haven’t used any photographs, everything that is included has been created digitally and its appearance is eye catching with its vast range of colours. It reinforces the fact that within this genre image isn’t as important as the music; unlike in the pop genre where image is the most important thing because the music is sold on sex appeal. The album cover is distinctive and easily identifiable if you were looking for it on a stand in a shop. I wanted my own album cover to have this same distinguishing appearance without having the artist looking ‘pretty’ on the cover.

An album advert that I looked at was Blink 182’s album “Neighborhoods”

Although Blink 182 are an older band than You Me At Six they are both included in the rock genre. This advert is very simplistic and basic; the colour palette is black and white and there is only a small amount of text and one image of the album included.  This is a good advertising strategy because when flicking through a magazine this will stand out… My own album advert is based on the layout of this one, however I did include tour dates on mine because this is typical of rock bands because their live shows are the most important aspect of their music and fan base.

Through the real media examples that I analysed in my deconstructions, I noticed certain codes and conventions which taught me a lot about ideas which could potentially be developed in my own music video and print work. In both of the music videos “Prayer of a Refugee” by Rise Against and “Up All Night” by Blink 182 there are several elements that fit the codes and conventions of the rock genre…

Through the analysis of music videos, I have learnt that through the use of camerawork the tone of the song can be recognized. In both of these video’s jerky camera movement and a hand held camera style are used to reflect the sound of the music: loud, roughed and unrehearsed. This style is stereotypically included in rock videos because it isn’t about the band being perfect while they perform their songs but about the experience their fans get from it, so it is conventional that the camera movement reflects the song. The ‘jerk’ of the camera is often consistent with the beat if the music, for example when there is a loud drum beat the camera will shake to imitate it being shook by the loudness of the music. This will excite the audience that is watching the video and encourage them to go and see the band live to experience the feeling of such loud music.

It is interesting to note that both of these videos have unusual locations, one is in an empty supermarket and the other in a deserted street which appears to have been attacked in some way. I learnt that it is typical content of a rock video to have peculiar locations. Frequently bizarre locations are featured to show that the band doesn’t follow the rules and will go to unexpected places to perform their music.

I learnt that performance is something that almost every rock music video includes in it; it is quite difficult to find one without the band performing… this is again because of the importance of the music. In my own music video the only elements of performance that I featured was the artist singing along to the song and a slow motion drum being hit. I found it difficult to locate people to play the role of the band to feature in my music video, in retrospect my video would have seemed more authentic and fulfilled the codes and conventions if I had a band included and it would have been a massive improvement to my product.

This experience taught me that the costume that the artists usually wear in rock videos is often skinny jeans and a t-shirt; it isn’t unusual for them to wear the same one throughout the whole video. However in the style which my video was made, a costume change would have been appropriate and is something I should have considered before I began filming.

From the analysis that I undertook I learnt that the narrative plays a large role in every music video, not just in rock videos. The narrative in some way or another relates to the lyrics of the song but on occasions the narrative is approached in an unexpected way which isn’t expected. In Rise Againsts video their songs message is about a conversation between a refugee and his son they talk about the good life he and his people once had. The chorus is the refugee calling out; saying not to help him, as carrying himself is all he has left. He says that all those who have tried to “help” in the past have merely let him down again. The song is against many practices used as a result of capitalism in the United States. It depicts workers of all ages and nationalities creating or packaging items in foreign lands, then placing stickers that say “Made in USA” and/or American flag stickers. The narrative is a message about fair trade and how people should receive the recognition and rewards they deserve.

The print work that I looked at taught me that the graphic design of posters and CD covers influences the target audience massively, at one stage I never really noticed the impact the print work had on me but I have learnt that if someone doesn’t like the look of an album cover it can influence them not to buy it. This helped me to understand that the CD cover and advert had to appeal to as big of an audience as possible and ideally not exclude anyone.

From analysing music videos that have an emotional narrative, codes and conventions about the mise-en-scene became evident… In Paramores video for “The Only Exception” a softer side to rock showed me how love is portrayed and because this is a female fronted band the focus was on the female lead singer and making her look pretty and gentle, unlike her usual rock and roll appearance. In the video she has natural looking make up with rosy pink lips, her hair has been curled do add femininity, she is wearing diamond earrings and in some shots she is surrounded by heart shaped love letters. This is not something stereotypically expected from a rock band but it shows the codes and conventions of a soft love song which a rock band has produced.

In the same video the editing and pace of cuts also taught me how to approach this type of song… slow motion is often used so that the audience can see the emotion and reactions of the artists face, it gives them time to recognise how they’re feeling and this also influences the way which they feel about the song; it will subconsciously force them to recall their own experiences and relate them to the song they’re hearing. When the song is upbeat the pace of cuts increases to imitate the speed of the song, and when the song slows down so does the pace of cuts… this is something I knew to utilise for myself in my video.

In my print work I used a lot of different colours, though the main ones I used were black, pink, purple and blue. This is to replicate the feminine side of the female fronted band whose song I chose to use for my music video. I didn’t want to only appeal to females though so I made sure that I included male orientated colours such as blue, green and red.  On my print work there aren’t an images, I created the whole thing digitally on photoshop using a huge collection of effects. I have seen album covers with the same creation and I find them extremely interesting because it isn’t a plain photograph that took seconds to capture but a long period of time to perfect and create.

The fonts that I chose had connotations with sci-fi and fantasy media texts… I thought this would be suitable as the design of my album was space and these texts fit within the theme I was trying to create. Upon reflection I maybe could have chosen a more universal font to use so that it also related to my music video a bit more.
The album that I created is self-titled “A Night to Remember” which is often the case of a band’s first album. The reason why I decided to make it a self-titled album is because I wanted my album to follow the codes and conventions of a rock band so that it had an authentic feel to it.
I designed the bands identity and branding this way because I wanted to imply a futuristic approach to the music industry that would make people think it is the next fresh and innovative band on the scene.

I called the band “A Night to Remember” because from my own experiences of going to gigs it is always something I remember fondly, so by naming the band this instantly the target audience will recognise that the band they have just discovered will be memorable.
The layout of my album is very ordinary and something that is often seen among a lot of album covers, I wanted a simplistic layout because the graphics on the album are quite hectic which calls for an uncomplicated layout. The layout of my advert is equally as simplistic, my intention was that the first thing the target audience will see is the image of the CD cover so that they will remember it when it comes to purchasing it. To keep my print work looking uncluttered I chose only the most relevant headlines/text to show the most important information, such as the album image, artist name,  release date, tour dates, background information and to make the white and pink fonts stand out on the against the black background such as which label they are signed to.

As I kept my layout simple with minimum text, the tone and register is not completely obvious. However, the name of my artist and title of the CD album suggest youthfulness because of the works used. For example, if I’d have use a black and white colour palette then it would not appeal to the right target audience because it would imply maturity and sophistication.

I think I have obeyed the codes and conventions of the typical ‘rock’ genre of music, so that my album appeals to the correct target audience, as, for example, print work which subverts the codes and conventions by e.g. having a more gothic or heavy metal look might limit my audience to exclude the more ‘pop’ individuals of my target audience as they might have been given the wrong impression of the style of music.

During the creation of my music video I have conformed to numerous codes and conventions to support my text within its genre of music. To begin with I used a series of shots of objects that emitted light; star projector, glow sticks, LED balloons etc. This was to visually encompass the idea that when someone is in love you can tell just by looking at them because they radiate a healthy ‘glow’. I then teamed this idea with the ‘universe’ affect in my print work to create synergy within my media product.

This mise-en-scene convention is apparent in Linkin Park’s music video which inspired me with this theme, as well as the music video’s I deconstructed, such as Blink 182’s video where their interesting use of lighting is similar to the style I reinvented in my own video. In this genre of music the sound and meaning of the music is similar to Paramore and their song ‘That’s What You Get’.
The close-up shots in my video of my artist ‘caught off guard’ are also used to communicate the text by forming a personal relationship and connection with the audience, not only can they relate to the lyrics in the song but they can feel as if they know the artist because they were present when she was goofing around; as though they are friends. To convey a young and fun element that I was trying to represent in my music video I inserted a red hue effect so that my target audience can instantly recognize that the song is about love, as red is a symbol of love and passion which can be interpreted as sexy and feminine. If I used black and white as an effect then it would have suggested sophistication and maturity, which is something that wouldn’t appeal to my target audience. I have also tried to expose the theme of love which is obvious in the lyrics of the song through the artist’s youthful and energetic performance. This helps to achieve an enjoyable and exciting response from the audience who may feel that they are able to relate to what the artist is feelings which may encourage them to watch the video again through the bond which has been formed the song, artist and video.

In order for all of my target audience to respond positively to my video I have tried to apply a natural, every day style to my video. I achieved this through the artist’s regular costume, the locations and the hand-held camerawork. This camerawork which is included in sections of my video gives a simple and home-made appearance to the video, which may be something that my target audience like to see so they are able to relate to another human being, not just a ‘celebrity’. Seeing as almost everyone who sees the video has the technology to make their own music video this might encourage some of the audience to do so with cross-platform devices such as mobile phones with cameras. On top of this, the location under a blossom tree seen in my video, although not necessarily relevant to the lyrical content of the video, is a place that my audience can find anywhere, which shows them that the lead singer is just an average girl like every single one of their fans.

The editing in some of the shots in my music video suggests that it is ‘out of this world’- something many rock fans would appreciate as they don’t want to be restricted within their style, music taste, fashion, hobbies etc. As well as adding a visual splendor to the music video it is an underlying message of love and freedom within one’s self… something that is encouraged in everyone.

In my music video I feel that I have generally stuck to the codes and conventions of an upbeat, fast paced rock love song. Firstly, through the theme of love (a recurring theme within any genre of music) it is made obvious through the execution of the video; lyrics, artists performance and style of video. I have remained within the conventions of typical rock music video through the use of cuts on the beat, an element of performance (though no band performed which is unconventional), close-ups of my artist to express feelings and hardly any long takes.

I have also stuck to codes and conventions regarding the rhythm and speed of the music… quick, sharp cuts were appropriate for this up-beat, fast-paced song as it emphasizes the emotion and the beat of the song. A slow pace of cuts would distract the audience from the speed and rhythm of the song. In my video I used transitions such as cross-dissolves to maintain the fact that even though this is a rock song, it is still also a love song and fits with the style and genre of the song.

Examples of my transitions:

I have not included any narrative in my music video as it does not need one. Nevertheless, there is still a message and overall theme of love which is acknowledged by the audience through the lyrics of the song, combined with my artist’s performance which portrays these themes through her cheerful yet feisty attitude, which the audience may relate to and interpret in their own way as being caused by love and relationships.

The representation that is formed of my artist is very similar to that of Hayley Williams (female front man of Paramore) herself, young, energetic, enthusiastic and unruly. As one of the only female lead singers in a band she is seen as someone who female fans can relate to and aspire to be like; for this reason she always acts responsibly but still maintains a fun side. In my video I attempted to recreate this spirit in my own lead singer, someone who can be seen as a role model. The subject of love is portrayed as lighthearted and exciting through the lyrics used and the contents of the video. The representation of the target audience characterizes them as young, slightly rebellious and passionate about music… this is obvious through the enthusiasm the artist radiates in the music video and the anticipated reaction of the viewer, the feelings expressed in the video will affect the audience watching.

How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

I think that my print work and my moving image go well with each other due to a similar appearance and style. The look of my video is reflected in my print work through the same overall theme that is present; space, luminosity and iridescent lights.
I believe that my target audience would be enticed by the album advert when they see it, whether that be in a magazine, poster, online or any other media text because the advert is visually similar to the music video; allowing them to form a connection between the two. The print work reflects the genre of the artist and appeals to the target audience because of the exclusion of a clear image of the artists face on my print work, which suggests to the target audience that appearance isn’t an important factor within this genre of music and that the music holds the highest significance. That is something that is expected of this genre, if I had out a picture of the artist looking ‘pretty’ on the cover it would attract the wrong audience, possibly a more pop orientated audience.

The styling and branding in all of my media texts is persistent. I produced synergy amongst all of my work (CD panels, album advert and music video) through the overall style, theme and effects which I integrated into my work. The range of colours that is used in my print work to create a ‘supernova’ effect and in my music video for the cosmic shots of the leading role singing  all have synergy with each other and this creates a consistent sense of excitement, lack of restrictions and illusion.

There is also synergy present between both examples of my print work; the CD panels and the album advert. The fonts used are similar in the way that they all relate to the theme of space and have a sci-fi element to them; this is then combined with the same ‘starry’ affect that I applied to both in Photoshop whilst creating them… this will help the target audience in noticing the harmony between both texts.

It is important to have synergy throughout all of my media texts in order for them to relate to each other, this allows the audience to effortlessly identify them and associate each product with the others. If the print work was all unrelated it would be unsuccessful as there wouldn’t be any comparisons between them, which would confuse the target audience. If I had chosen to put an image of a graveyard on my album cover it would be misleading to the audience about the genre of music featured.

I believe my work would have been a success at selling my artist because it appropriately replicates the genre and characteristics of the song ‘That’s What You Get’ through the theme and appearance of the media texts, which attracts the right target audience of 14-26 year old males and females. Similar artists fans may identify the codes and conventions that I included in my work and this might attract them to the content of the album and video which I produced.

Twitter and Facebook are other media formats that would be useful in branding and advertising my artist because they are social networking sites, which allows promotion and discussions on the topic because a large population of the target audience utilizes social networking sites like these. Social networking sites are a useful tool which allows the artist to personally connect to their fans, which generates a dedicated fan base that will unknowingly participate in advertisement of the artist by ‘retweeting’ or ‘sharing’ vital information about tour dates, album release dates and other information about the artist. Due to advancements in technology in recent years this has become a simple everyday event that takes a matter of seconds to complete- perfect free advertisement.

With the artist having their own website this would be enormously beneficial for branding and advertising, by streaming their videos, selling merchandise and sharing tour dates. Synergy could be accomplished through using the same colour palette and effects, such as the ‘space’ effect. The same fonts and font colours would also help to create synergy and stability across all of my media products.

You Me At Six have created synergy between their album cover, merchandise and their website:

What have you learnt from your audience feedback?

My products are principally intended for females (however, a considerably large amount of males will be interested too) between the ages of around 14-26 years old, it is often the case that devotees to this genre are older and younger than my target audience, but the majority of them are within this age range. The aspirations that my target audience may have will vary massively, though it is likely that the common goal they share is to work in the media business or the music industry.
I assume that a huge population of my target audience will be at ease with technology and will watch music videos online through sites such as YouTube and Vevo.

The interests and hobbies that I expect my target audience to have include: fashion, live music/concerts such as Reading and Leeds Festival, Sonisphere, Download, Vans Warped Tour, Bamboozle.

It is likely that many of them store music on electronic devices such as smart phones, iPods, laptops, etc. companies such as iTunes will be a service they are familiar with which they download music from, create playlists with and watch podcasts. Spotify is a free service which allows them to listen to playlists that they create, though it will be interrupted by adverts. As well as this my target audience will also buy CD’s to support their favorite artists.

I predict that my target audience listen to music every day, whether that be through iPods, smart phones and laptop or by listening to the radio in the car, popular stations include Radio 1, Kerrang! And Kiss.

Music magazines that my target audience will read include Kerrang!, NME and Rolling Stone… it is unusual for them to read other genres of magazines.

Information like this is priceless for advertising, it allows me to research suitable places to advertise my artist and reassure me that the correct audience will see it in order for effective publicity.

I believe that the products which I created attract the correct target audience, as the energetic, youthful content included in both the lyrics and performance of the song are representing an accurate perception of the rock music genre. The theme of love maybe familiar and relatable to many of my target audience and this will create for them a connection to the song, because of this universal theme it relates to almost every age group because everyone knows what love feels like, whether it’s the love you feel for your family, friends or partner.

I think my music video is suitable in appealing to all of my target audience because they are able to relate to every aspect of it and not feel confused. The relevant and achievable appearance and style of my artist will again appeal to my target audience because she give the impression of a ‘real’ and ‘normal’ person, allowing audience identification with her… someone who in real life, would be a role model to their audience.

In my pre-production survey, 41.18% of those who answered said that it doesn’t matter to them whether performance and narrative are included in a music video. I chose not to include a narrative in my music video because I didn’t want the cliché of a boy and girl looking like they’re in love in my video, this has been done many times and I thought it would be boring and outdated. The lyrics in the song provide the audience with the only narrative that they need as they aren’t complicated to understand, I wanted my video to be quite simple but still visually creative. The performance of the artist, highlights that there is a basic narrative. Although I could have worked on a storyline in my video I don’t think that it needed one.

The feedback session for my music video underlined what strengths and weaknesses I had in my music video, however, the overall feedback was generally positive; 100% of the audience agreed that they would watch my video again. In the real world this is essential of a video because otherwise no profit will be made.

The response towards the narrative of my music video concluded that, as I initially though, it didn’t need a narrative; however, it wasn’t a strong message as to why the lights, space  and luminosity elements were included… I could have improved this by elaborating the reason for this; that when someone is in love they light up. The comments about the red hue were positive and the audience confirmed that using red made the genre of the video obvious and the theme of love and passion was blatant and recognizable.

The comments on the camera work featured were criticized constructively, though not negative. I should have improved the framing of some shots so that I avoided the inclusion of the building tops to make it appear more professional. The addition of more ‘caught off guard’ close ups of the protagonist would have been interesting and worked well with the piece. The feedback determined that my variation of hand held camera and tripod uses were balanced well and fit the genre.

The focus group agreed that my music video suits the rock genre of music and the model plays the part well through her acting ability, making the performance authentic and the video engaging. The performance of the model I used was commended as she played her role extremely well; she fit the genre and looked the part. I don’t think any improvement on her suitability could have been made. However, she didn’t know some of the works to the song which was obstructive when it came to editing, but the parts she did know were executed perfectly and the audience said the lip sync was faultless.

The group did say that the video got a bit boring towards the end as there wasn’t enough versatility between the shots. The mise-en-scene fit the genre however, as the ‘tinkley’ stars, glitter drum suited the authenticity of a female fronted band and it added that girly feature which the target audience will appreciate. A live band would have been a great improvement for my video as that is expected from the genre, I myself thought the same but I was unable to find appropriate actors to play the role in time.

Her costume was appropriate for the genre, a classic skinny jean, converse combination was affective… though it was agreed that an obvious costume change would have improved the authenticity of the video.

The feedback on the fast edit pace was praised as it was in time with the rhythm of the music and the pace got lively and built up the tension as the song played out. The visual effects and transitions were also admired as the red hue over many of the shots implied the passion, energy and rock of the song which provided a visual aid for the audience. The fast forward editing was it time and adhered to the upbeat pace of the song.

This is generally positive, as the song is more about the music and trying to create an energetic response from the audience, not about the attractiveness or sex appeal of the artist. It was agreed that the suitability to the song was ‘perfect’ however for a rock video it was a bit bland, overall the inclusion of a band would have been a great improvement.

The focus group felt that I had a generally well used, suitable use of the codes and conventions, and the transitions I used (like cross-dissolves) matched the edit pace as they reinforce the physical pace and beat of the edit and the audience is left on an energetic peak.

How did you use media technologies in the research, planning, construction and evaluation stages?

During the research, planning, construction and evaluation phases of my coursework, I have used numerous diverse technologies; none of them hindered the progress of my work. The internet and television provided useful for my research and I displayed my work on WordPress, a blog site, so that my work was easily accessible and located. I used Windows Microsoft Word to produce all of my written work and deconstructions in the planning stages, iTunes helped me in the production stages of my music video, an Apple Mac computer with the programs Adobe Photoshop for my print work and Final Cut Express for the editing of my music video and a video camera and star projecting light for my video work.
I already knew how to use Photoshop because of the previous work I had done at GCSE level and in my AS coursework. I used Photoshop to create all of my print work from scratch, the effect of ‘space’ I created myself through a YouTube tutorial which I had previously seen.

After using this video as I guide I made some of my own adjustments so that my work was unique and to the design I had envisioned.

Final cut Express was the software I used for the assembly and editing of my music video. To start with I was very slow at editing because this was the first time I had used the software, but once I had experimented with many of the effects I got to grips with it and knew what I could achieve. After using Final Cut on a regular basis my confidence grew and so did the speed of editing. Like my CD panels which I edited in Photoshop, I wanted to achieve the same affect within my video, to do this I initially attempted to use the star projector I had purchased and constructed to apply this affect, but it wasn’t as abvious and impressive as I had initially imagined. So during the editing process I used a cross-dissolve transition to create the desired effect I had hoped for by separately including the footage of the model and the stars, which created synergy throughout all of my work. In the other shots, I changed the hue to give a different effect and more of a distinct difference between the studio shots of the stars and I added the outside shots for diversity. It all worked well together as the colour of the blossom tree, models hair, and elements of her costume all matched, reinforcing the theme of love, passion and the rock genre of music. Final cut was definitely fitting and tremendously helpful for the visual effects and transitions which I finally applied to my music video, with countless options of effects to select, such as cross-dissolves, sepia, dazzle and Gaussian blurs.

WordPress, a popular blogging website, was really useful for me to upload all of my work and keep it in one location so anyone can easily access it. It allows me to categorize my post which permits me to locate the post I desire with ease, no matter how long ago I posted them. In the industry, uploading work to a similar site proves to be very useful as it is easily accessible and speeds up the process of communication. WordPress has advanced my presentation of work with its efficiency and clarity. Also, the interactive element of the blog meant that I could add for example: hyperlinks to websites, real media products such as music videos (something not possible on paper documents) and it also includes a survey element of WordPress (Poll-Daddy) a useful tool for quickly retrieving feedback on my work, attracting the correct target audience and what to include and improve in my work. It helped me to plan and research elements of my work, allowing me ideas and improvements at the click of a button. Surveys are vital in the real world, without them it would be unknown what the target audience want and what they like.

An example question from my poll:

I feel overall that I have used the technologies that were available to me effectively throughout my work, as I have gained various media platforms to create a product which has reached my expectations and goals which are reflected in the positive feedback from the selected audience who agreed that my work successfully represents the correct genre of music and appeals to the right target audience.

Advances in new technologies such as smart phones, iPods, iPads, tablets, etc. have allowed easy access to the internet, something that has made advertising much simpler for organizations in the industry. It is now easier than ever to access the internet, almost everyone is walking around with it in their pockets. Facebook and Twitter accounts are popular among many audiences; social networking sites have provided the industry with free advertisement that feels ‘personal’ to every individual fan. On sites like these this free exposure allows the artist to directly speak to their millions of ‘followers’ without having to plan and pay for an advertising campaign.

These new technologies are affordable to audiences, providing the industry with millions of devices in which to contact individuals instantaneously. This keeps the target audience up to date with any developments in the artist’s career and keeps them interested. It is common for such devices to contain applications directly from iTunes or the android market, in the real world I would have created an app for my artist to share material, sell merchandise, advertise their work and inform the fans of vital information about tours, albums, videos, etc.


YouTube, Vevo and Spotify are devices that permit audiences too freely (or they can choose to pay a small amount for ‘ad free’ streaming) stream music and videos. This way the audience has access to the newest releases and their music videos, a source of entertainment for the target audience. The advertisement that each page contains provides the music industry and artist with a small profit if the advert is watched by the audiences.

Multi-platform phones (that have internet access, apps, music, cameras, etc.) have a positive effect on the industry, this availability to instant advertisement saves companies huge amount of money. This ease of access in invaluable within the industry because it means that they are constantly able to advertise on their website, apps, social networking sites, etc. which allows the target audience to interact with the product they have created.