A2 Survey Analysis

How old are you?
under 14 5.56% (1 votes)
15 0% (0 votes)
16 5.56% (1 votes)
17 50% (9 votes)
18 38.89% (7 votes)
19 0% (0 votes)
Over 19 0% (0 votes)
Total Votes: 18

My target audience is mainly 17 and 18 year olds, this shows that my music video needs to appeal to that age group.

Favorite type of music?
Hip-hop 5.56% (1 votes)
Rock 11.11% (2 votes)
Pop 11.11% (2 votes)
Dubstep 27.78% (5 votes)
Indie 11.11% (2 votes)
Dance/techno/electronica/trance 16.67% (3 votes)
R&B 11.11% (2 votes)
Other: 5.56% (1 votes)
Total Votes: 18

The results are fairly equal but dubstep seems to be the most popular genre of music amongst my target audience, however surprisingly the outcome shows that it is equal between the music genres… this could be because this audience is prone to watching many different music channels where they have to listen to whatever is being played.

What other music genres do you like?
Pop 10.87% (5 votes)
Rock 13.04% (6 votes)
Dubstep 17.39% (8 votes)
Indie 8.7% (4 votes)
R&B 10.87% (5 votes)
Hip-hop 13.04% (6 votes)
Dance/techno/electronica/trance 15.22% (7 votes)
other 6.52% (3 votes)
Other: 4.35% (2 votes)
Total Votes: 46

The results show that my target audience are interested in a range of different music genres, this is encouraging because even though dubstep is the favored genre amongst them they are still open minded about other styles of music.

What others hobbies/interests do you have?
Sports 27.27% (12 votes)
Gaming 6.82% (3 votes)
Fashion 27.27% (12 votes)
Live gigs 18.18% (8 votes)
Festivals 15.91% (7 votes)
Musical instruments 4.55% (2 votes)
Total Votes: 44

The results show that my target audience have an assortment of interests mainly including sports, fashion and live gigs/festivals. To satisfy their liking of these interests I will include elements of them in my music video.

Do you play an instrument?
Yes 33.33% (6 votes)
No 66.67% (12 votes)
Total Votes: 18

66.67% of the people I surveyed do not play a music instrument; this suggests that I’m not necessarily required to include someone playing an instrument in my video.

Which of these technologies do you use to access music videos?
Computer/laptop 34.88% (15 votes)
Smartphone 27.91% (12 votes)
TV 32.56% (14 votes)
Other 4.65% (2 votes)
Total Votes: 43
A high percentage of my target audience own a computer or laptop, smartphone and a TV… So putting my music video on YouTube and appropriate music channels would we useful to them and also ensuring that my music video can be watched on a smartphone will allow my target audience to view the video anytime, anywhere.

Which social networking sites do you use?
Facebook 51.52% (17 votes)
Twitter 30.3% (10 votes)
MySpace 3.03% (1 votes)
Bebo 6.06% (2 votes)
None 6.06% (2 votes)
Other 3.03% (1 votes)
Total Votes: 33
Facebook and Twitter are leading social networking sites amid my target audience, this makes it clear that my music video or album should be advertised/ promoted on these sites for it to be most successful.

Where do you watch music videos?
TV 39.47% (15 votes)
Internet 36.84% (14 votes)
Phone 18.42% (7 votes)
Other 5.26% (2 votes)
Total Votes: 38
Music videos are mostly watched by my target audience on the internet and on TV so it would be wise for my music video to be shown on selected appropriate music channels and available to view on sites like YouTube and Vevo.

Which music channels do you watch?
4Music 16.22% (6 votes)
MTV 37.84% (14 votes)
Kerrang! 8.11% (3 votes)
NME 2.7% (1 vote)
Kiss 5.41% (2 votes)
Viva 18.92% (7 votes)
Other 10.81% (4 votes)
Total Votes: 37
MTV is the leading music channel amongst the people that I surveyed, this shows that it is a popular channel and it would be an obvious decision to have my music video on their playlist.

What time during the day do you watch music videos?
Morning 29.03% (9 votes)
Afternoon 12.9% (4 votes)
Evening 22.58% (7 votes)
Night 22.58% (7 votes)
Any time 12.9% (4 votes)
Total Votes: 31
Not many of my surveyed audience watch music videos in the afternoon, the majority of them watch them on an evening/night so that would be an appropriate time to have mine aired.

Do you buy magazines?
Yes 66.67% (12 votes)
No 33.33% (6 votes)
Total Votes: 18
66.67% of my surveyed audience buy magazines which suggests that advertising the bands album in a magazine would provide it with a lot of publicity.

What type of magazine?
Music 21.74% (5 votes)
Gossip 13.04% (3 votes)
Gaming 0% (0 votes)
Sports 13.04% (3 votes)
I don’t buy magazines. 26.09% (6 votes)
Other 26.09% (6 votes)
Total Votes: 23
Music magazines are the popular choice of magazine that my audience buy, this is suitable for my genre of video and album cover as it is the topic of music.

Do you buy cds or download your music?
I buy CD’s 27.78% (5 votes)
I download my music online 72.22% (13 votes)
Total Votes: 18
Download is the most popular form of music consumption so offering a free download to the magazine readers in my album advert would make sense and appeal to them to listen to the band.

Has an advert for an album influenced you to buy it or research the artist?
Yes 61.11% (11 votes)
No 38.89% (7 votes)
Total Votes: 18
A huge amount of my audience have bought an album or researched the artist after seeing the advert for the album, this illustrates that the album advert is highly important and can influence people to buy the album.

Does a positive review make you more likely to buy/listen to an album/artist?
Yes 72.22% (13 votes)
No 27.78% (5 votes)
Total Votes: 18
Positive reviews have an effect on whether the reader buys an album or listens to the artist.

Are the adverts that you’ve seen in magazines eye catching?
Yes 64.71% (11 votes)
No 35.29% (6 votes)
Total Votes: 17
Album adverts in music magazines are eye catching from what my surveyed audience have seen, this tells me that my album advert needs to be eye catching so that it is seen.

What element do you notice first when looking at adverts?
Main image 76.47% (13 votes)
Logos 11.76% (2 votes)
Text 0% (0 votes)
Colour 11.76% (2 votes)
Other 0% (0 votes)
Total Votes: 17
My audience notice the main image first when they look at album adverts so in order to keep their attention my main image has to be interesting.

Do you upload your own videos to YouTube or Facebook?
Yes 0% (0 votes)
No 100% (16 votes)
Total Votes: 16
100% of my target audience don’t upload their own videos onto the internet.

Do you expect your music videos to have live performance and narrative?
Yes 37.5% (6 votes)
No 25% (4 votes)
It doesn’t matter 37.5% (6 votes)
Total Votes: 16
My target audience have different views on whether a music video should have live performance and narrative, equal amounts of them say it is important but also that it doesn’t matter. This gives me a choice of what my music video should include.

Do you prefer it when the artist is playing an instrument in the video?
Yes 31.25% (5 votes)
No 68.75% (11 votes)
Total Votes: 16
Most of my audience prefer it when the artist doesn’t play a musical instrument in the video, but the genre of music also affects what the artist does in the video.

Would you rather see the artist or graphic design on the front cover of the cd?
The artist 62.5% (10 votes)
Graphic design 37.5% (6 votes)
Total Votes: 16
People would rather see the artist on the front cover of the album instead of a graphical image.

Are you affected in any way by the clothing style of your favorite artist and their hair styles?
Yes, all the time 12.5% (2 votes)
Sometimes 81.25% (13 votes)
No, never 6.25% (1 votes)
Total Votes: 16
My target audience admit that sometimes they are influenced by their favorite artist with the clothes that they wear and their hair styles so image is an important element in my video.

Is it important to have live gig dates on the adverts?
Yes 50% (8 votes)
No 50% (8 votes)
Total Votes: 16
Having live gig dates on the advert is equally split amongst my target audience as being important so from the results that I have gathered I can decide whether to put live gig dates on the advert or not.

If there was a promotion on the advert would that make you more inclined to visit website or research for the artist?
Yes 64.29% (9 votes)
No 35.71% (5 votes)
Total Votes: 14
A higher percentage of my target audience would be more inclined to visit a website if the advert offered a promotional feature, so it would appeal to them if I included this in my album advert.